Work Opportunity In New Zealand

Work Opportunity In New Zealand

Students can get various work opportunities in New Zealand that can compliment to their living expenses and tuition fee. International students are entitled to work for 20 hours per week during their study and full time during the academic breaks.


International students are allowed to work for 20 hours in one week so they are allowed to do part time jobs during their academic sessions but under the following conditions

  • If they are enrolled for full time course in new Zealand for at least two years
  • If they are studying a new Zealand qualification that would gain points for them under the residence policy
  • If they are studying full time course of developing English language skills and have IELTS score more than 5 bands

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    After the completion of study, international students have option either to return to his country or to stay for some time in New Zealand. For staying in New Zealand after completion of study, students have to get different type of visa.

    For international students, New Zealand immigration policies include post study visa but if they have achieved the New Zealand qualification. Depending on the study they have completed in New Zealand, they can get opportunity to stay and work for two years and even can get opportunity for residence in New Zealand.


    After the completion of study if you want to stay in New Zealand then you need to get work visa and this post study work pathway has two steps


    Depending on the study, you have completed in New Zealand, you have to apply first for open work visa of one year related to your studies under this post study work pathway.


     This visa allows the international students to get jobs in their field for further two years and this visa is related to only a specific employer and specific job.

    If you already have the job offer relevant to your study then you can directly apply for this empower assisted post work visa.


    This is type of work visa in which students must have offer of employment from New Zealand employer and you will need to meet the current visa requirements, then you can get temporary work visa.

    Under this visa you must have job offer in the area of skill shortage and even your employer need to show that he has tried for New Zealand worker also but want to hire you for the job.

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