Work Opportunity In Canada

Work Opportunity In Canada

Along with the study in Canada, international students are also allowed to work part time for fixed hours in a week during their courses and during the course breaks they can work full time.

In Canada, students can get valuable work experience at justified allowance that can complement their living and educational expenses. However students that apply for study visa in Canada has to shown sufficient funds as an evidence that they are eligible to pay their tuition fee and living expenses but after arriving in Canada they can get part time jobs under the number of work permit programs for students and for their spouse.

In Canada, international students can have the following options for part time jobs and even for full time during their breaks or after the completion of their education.


International students can work on campus without any work permit along with studies under the following conditions

  • Student must be registered as full time student at a public post secondary institution
  • Full time students of private post secondary institution can also get campus jobs but if the institutions operated under the same rules and regulations as public institutions and receive its 50% of funds from government grants
  • Full time students of Canadian private institution that is authorized by provincial statute to grant degrees
  • If students have valid study permit


 Overseas students are also allowed to get off campus jobs but with work permit under following conditions

  • Students have received work permit
  • Students can work off campus for 20 hours per week during their course and full time during campus breaks.
  • Students that are registered full time students of post secondary institutions.


If you are having age between 18- 35 and your home country has agreement with Canada then you are able to travel and work in Canada up to 1 year.

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    If you have completed your graduation degree in Canada then you can have various options as follows

    1. After graduation you can return to your home country with globally recognized graduation degree or diploma and can get suitable jobs there
    2. You can apply for the work permit in Canada and can work according to your stream and work experience
    3. You can also choose the option of doing post graduation and can gain valuable work experience through the work permit issued for the length of study program means one to two years and this length can be of maximum 3 years.

    This specialized work permit after the graduation is provided under the following eligibility conditions

    Students that have done full time study in Canada

    • If you have done graduation from public post secondary institution, private post secondary institution or private institution authorized by the provincial statute
    • You have done studies of at least 8 months from Canada
    • You have applied for the work permit within 3 months of receiving written confirmation for completion of your academic program
    • You are notified as the eligible student for obtaining degree, diploma or certificate in Canada
    • You must have valid study permit

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