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Working while you study in Australia not only can fulfill your financial needs but also give you global exposure that will be helpful for your studies. For assisting with living expenses and gaining work experience along with study, makes it necessary for you to undertake part time job.

In Australia, your study visa allows you to work along with study. You are allowed to work for 20 hours a week in your session and for unrestricted hours during your course breaks. However you are recommended to make sure whether your visa allows you to work with study or not?


Australia has various work opportunities for part time and full time job. Here are various industries and companies that offer jobs to students and other candidates. Students can find paid jobs in the following sectors

  • Retail sector including supermarkets, departments and garment stores
  • Hospitality sector including cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels
  • Tourism sector including hotels and motels
  • Agriculture sector including farming and fruit picking
  • Sales and marketing field
  • Administration and clerical jobs
  • Tutor

According to qualification and work experience students can also get paid jobs part time and full time in their own profiles.

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Internships are offered in-between or after the course completion and these can be paid or unpaid according to field or sector chosen for internships. Students can get global exposure to the professional and creative industries in Australia with paid or unpaid internships.


Students can also do various volunteer work as it is best way to get socialize, have global exposure, gain work experience and give back something to community. There are many charities and NGOs in Australia that always seek for volunteers to help out.


As such in Australia, there is no automatic right associated with the student visa that allows students to work or stay for period in Australia after completion of degree as your student visa allows you to have temporary entry in the country and you are supposed to leave after completion of studies.

After the completion of your graduation if you are willing to work in Australia then you must apply and obtain work visa. Australia has continuous demand for foreign workers and students that have completed their degree in Australia so after having special work visa you can get various work opportunities here. Even there are various visa categories for the international students that open the doors for permanent residency under point system.

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