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USA tourist Visa is designed to visit your family, friends, and relatives on a special occasion. This visa additionally allows you visit the USA to sightsee, and the embassy will grant you 10-year visa but it depends on your profile and documentation. You must visit the USA tourist Visa consultant with the goal to get all the information about the visitor visa. Then you will be able to apply for a tourist visa in the USA. Our USA visitor visa consultant will guide you about the rules and regulations of visa application.

Make sure you should follow all the instructions otherwise they will reject your visa.

Tourist visa to the USA

It is not an easy task to get a tourist visa to the USA because they are too strict. They do inquiry about your personal details, and other documents so do not make any fraud document only to get a visa. Once you arrive at your destination, they will gain inspect you and your visa status. Then they will allow you to enjoy their country with your friends and relatives.
A person who wants to enter the USA or any other foreign country must have visa whether it is temporary or permanent. In addition, Visitor visas are basically known as non-immigrant visas, which are designed for a person who wants to visit the United States for business. And the second one is designed for a person who wants to travel for sightseeing, visiting their relatives, and for a special occasion.

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USA tourist Visa types

There are two types of USA tourist visa such as B-1 and B-2, in which B-1 visa is designed for business purpose whereas B-2 visa is designed for tourism and vacations. The B-2 visa is also open for people who wish to visit with friends or relatives, participation in social events, medical treatment, and enrolment in a short recreational course of study such as 1-2 day cooking.

The requirement for USA tourist visa

In order to apply for a USA tourist visa, an applicant must have appropriate funds to support their family and himself. In addition, you will not able to do a job there because you are a tourist. The main rule of a tourist visa is that applicants should have no criminal record. At last, if the applicant is staying with his relatives then you must show the invitation letter.
If still you are confused then visit our consultant office we will guide you in detail about USA tourist Visa.

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