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Canada is one of the most developed nations and it is one of the most visited places by many people for business, job, and leisure. The people that are visiting Canada are increasing gradually.

Mindway can make your dream come true to visit this amazing place whether it is for a special occasion or just for holidays. Our team will make your journey hassle-free with pleasant memories. The entire process will be taken care of by our Canada Visitor VISA Consultant. The primary requirement of this visa is that the non-immigrants will return to their native country when the tour ends. Additionally, the visa officer will review the application and he will decide whether you will get a visa or not.

Key Requirements To Get Tourist VISA To Canada

ou should take help from a team of Canada Tourist Visa Consultant. There are some basic requirements which should be fulfilled to get Tourist VISA fast and easily.

  • There should be 6 months validity in the passport from the date of arrival in Canada.
  • The person should be in good health and must have proper medical clearance.
  • The person must have sufficient funds to pay the expenses when they visit Canada.
  • The person should not have a criminal record.
  • The documents should contain proper information about the applicant and other members who are traveling along with you.
  • You must convince the immigration officials that you will leave Canada, once your visit ends.

You can apply again if your temporary resident Visa is refused as there is no formal appeal process required. In addition to this, make sure you include all the documents properly which were missing in the first place.

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Types Of Temporary Resident Visa

Temporary Resident Visa is of two types.

  • Single-Entry Tourist Visa

With this Visa, you can enter Canada only once. Once you arrive, an officer from the Canada Border Services Agency will make sure you have fulfilled all the requirements. Further, he will tell you how long you can stay there. The longest period for which a person can stay with single-entry Temporary Resident Visa is six months. Moreover, the date is mentioned on the passport when you have to leave from Canada. If you leave before time, still you have to get a new Visa to re-enter Canada.

  • Multiple-entry Tourist visa

With this Visa, you can enter Canada several times, while the Visa is still valid. It is because a multiple-entry visa is usually longer for more time than a single-entry visa. Before visiting Canada make sure to check when your passport expires. If the time is less, then you should get it to renew before you apply for the Visa.

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