Study In New Zealand

Study In New Zealand

If you are planning to study in New Zealand then it is right place for you as you can get education from world class universities and high quality life, diverse communities, exposure of vibrant cities, mesmerizing natural beauty and range of outdoor pursuits.

Students can have great experience of living and study in New Zealand as the cities like Auckland and Wellington can give great exposure of cultural activities and the terrains give chance to explore the glaciers, mountains, rainforest and coasts

Here students can get high quality education with the following pattern of levels for education



In the tertiary level education students can get post school education and training, provided by large number of tertiary level institutions.

In these tertiary level education institutions not only universities are included but also polytechnics and privately owned establishments, that are explained as follow


These institutions include the state owned universities, polytechnics, colleges of education , Wanagana that are set up by the government of New Zealand and approved by the ministry of Education.


All these institutions are funded by the government so that they can offer high quality educational programs to both domestic and international students.


In new Zealand, international students can get opportunity to study in 8 universities that are part of the university community. From these reputed universities students can get degrees that are recognized over the globe by all leading universities of the world.


Students can get territory level education from the 23 polytechnics that are also known as institutes of technology. These institute offers specially designed vocational training programs. The role of these technical institutes have been expanded according to the changing needs of learners and economy so many polytechnics are also get involved in research activities particularly for applied and technological areas.

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These colleges of education, provide the complete training for occupational groups such as social workers and even offer courses that involved the on the job trining for students.

Apart from this these colleges offer programs that are required for the school teaching qualification required for early childhood, primary and secondary.


Wananga are the Maori centers for tertiary level of learning and in the last decade these were established as the tertiary education institutions.

These Maori centers offer advanced study and research programs with having Ahuatanga Maori and Tikanga Maori as the integral part of these programs.


New Zealand is not only known for its high quality standards of education but also for the quality teachers. So proper training is provided to the teachers for quality assurance of education provided by them to students.

In New Zealand two university operated and 4 other institutions that provide teacher training programs in collaboration with local universities , are all funded by the government. These institutions provide training to teachers from the early childhood to primary, secondary and higher level.

PRIVATELY OWNED institutions

 Along with the state owned education institutions there are 860 private training establishments in new Zealand. These private institutes offer wide range of courses from scuba diving to hospitality to business,

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