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Studying in Canada can be lifetime experience and excellent opportunity for the students as quality education system of Canada opens the doors of success and better life for learners. Learning under the guidance of leading teachers and with the latest techniques and in the modern facilities can inspire the students towards innovation, progress and forward thinking.

So get Student VISA For Canada to achieve quality of education in Canada as it does not vary that much, as the standards remain same at all levels so that students can earn something that could be recognized globally and could polish their future. Along with the quality education students can also get knowledge fit to their budgets due to affordability of the cost of going schools in Canada.

Here are some important facts about the Canadian education system


Basically in Canada students can get four levels of study as follows

  1. Elementary and secondary education
  2. Language schools
  3. College level
  4. universities


Elementary and secondary schools in Canada follow the government curriculum and are obliged to employ only government certified teachers so that they could focus on the individual needs of student and can give the best education only.

For elementary and secondary education students have option of public or private schools to get education.


In public schools students can enjoy following benefits like

  • can get co educational day programs
  • international students can get benefit of home stay programs
  • These schools charge tuition and home stay fees from CAD$ 10,500 to 23,000.


Private schools are those that are independently funded and these schools can be for boys only, for girls only and co- educational. Students can get more attention in these schools as teacher student ratio remains lower in these schools and class size remain small.

International students can have the option of boarding or home stay programs. However the charges for home stay and tuition fee ranges from 10,500 Canadian dollar to 23,000 Canadian dollar depending on the institution.

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    As in Canada English and French are two official languages so it is also known as bilingual country. In Canada students can also find the languages schools that focus on improving the fluency and proficiency of language so that students can get ease for studies, personal development and even for working.


    College system is the third level of education in Canada. These colleges work closely with the business and industry to ensure that their education programs are relevant to the demanding work place and changing needs of employees. In the college system students can get diverse options for both technical and professional field studies.


    Universities are the 4th level of education in Canada so these universities prepare the graduates that could be adaptive to  the emerging new technologies in the world and to become the leaders in their professional fields.

    In the universities students can get three levels of degrees as follows

    1. Bachelor’s level, which can be of three to four years
    2. Master’s level , which can be of one to two years after the bachelor’s degree including the thesis or research work according to stream
    3. Doctoral level is the third level of three years including the thesis and this level comes after the completion of master level.

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