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Australia offers numerous educational opportunities to the students and its colleges and universities have excellent reputation as many are listing in the Top 200 Jiao Tong University ranking. Along with the quality education, in Australia students can live with unique lifestyle, can explore the natural wonders of its oceans and rainforests, enjoy the weather conditions like home country and even to enjoy the buzz of developed cities of Australia

Students can choose course, university and colleges according to their needs, interest and preferences. Even international students can have intensive language experience in the English language colleges.  World class research facilities and supervisors give easy access to best minds and resources for the students of PhD.


Australian education system is diversified and reputed due to wide range of courses offered and the quality. Students can get higher education from the government and private institutions. If any university or college offers the tertiary education then it is recognized by the Australian government as the tertiary institution. The higher education of Australia covers all levels 1 to 10 according to Australian Qualification Framework


There are many schools in Australia that provide technical and further education and vocational education and training to students. These schools offer mainly the short courses certifications of level 1 through 1V, diplomas and advanced diplomas.

These schools mainly focus on the training of students in particular vocation to help the students get work place experience. These schools includes mainly

  • Commercial training providers that are run by company or own accord
  • Manufacturing and service enterprises training departments
  • Training function of employer or employee of particular industry
  • Group trainings
  • Community learning centers and neighborhood houses
  • Secondary colleges providing vocational education and training programs

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    As per the records till 2009 Australia has 41 universities out of which 2 are private and 2 are Australian branches of universities located overseas and remaining 37 are public. Here students can find self accrediting higher educational institutions, smaller schools that are private and offer education in IT, natural theories, hospitality, health, law, accounting and many other such fields

    Most of the universities in Australia are under the supervision of legislation at state or territory level. These universities get their funding from the Australian government through the Higher Education Support Act 2003 via grants and loans.


    Average tuition fees in Australia is according to course or degree undertaken as follows

    • For diploma and advanced diploma student has to pay AUD 12,000 to 15,000 per annum
    • For bachelor degree this fee can be AUD 18,000-25,000 per annum
    • If you are willing to have master degree then you have to PAY AUD 20,000 to 30,000 per annum


    Students can have three intakes for getting education in Australia in one year. These intakes can be in following three months

    • February
    • July
    • November

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