Sat Coaching In Ludhiana

Sat Coaching In Ludhiana

The SAT test is explained as Scholastic Aptitude Test which is usually designed to get admission in colleges of English speaking nations such as Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. This test is designed by the College Board of the United States which is a non-profit organization. The main motive of this test is to find the right and the best college for you in order to develop your skills and pursue your passions. Good high-school grades are also important in order to create the best academic records in college.
In addition, this test includes 3 basic subjects such as reading, math, and writing. Each subject contains 200-800 grades and the sum of all the subjects between 600 to 2400. You should join the SAT institute with the goal to get proper SAT coaching because without proper preparation you can’t achieve good grades. Our SAT coaching classes will give you some tips in order to crack this exam.

Modules Of SAT Test

SAT test includes the 3 subjects, for example, reading, writing, and math. The reading section contains passages and sentence completions. In addition, the reading test takes 70 minutes and it is designed to check your language ability or your reading ability. You have to complete the reading test within the time frame to achieve the best grades.

Writing test of SAT includes the short essay and multiple choice questions, which are based on the identifying errors in sentences. This test takes 60 minutes additionally, in this test you have to answer 49 questions. You should spend 25 minutes on the essay and 35 minutes on 49 questions.
The mathematics section of the SAT contains questions related to statistics, probability, arithmetic operations, geometry, and algebra. This section takes 70 minutes as a reading section of this test. And this section also includes the multiple choice questions regarding those topics which we mentioned above.
You should keep in mind that there is a negative mark for your wrong answers but no deduction for left blanks. So, don’t make assumptions in this exam because this will decrease your grade or score.

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Types of SAT Test

There are two types of SAT tests such as SAT-I and SAT-II. SAT-I includes three subjects, for example, maths, reading, and writing. Whereas, the SAT-II include 20 multiple choice questions related to an individual subject.
Moreover, this exam is conducted seven times in a year but only 5 times in the United States. If you want to re-attempt this exam make sure to prepare properly in order to crack this exam.

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