Requirements To Study In New Zealand

Requirements To Study In New Zealand

International students that are seeking for study in New Zealand can apply for study visa after fulfilling the following requirements


  • Properly filled application form
  • Statement of purpose if you are applying for degree programs
  • If you are applying for masters then graduation degree certificate or provisional is required
  • Mark sheets of all three years of bachelor degree
  • Mark sheets of 10th and 12th
  • Recommendation letter academic and also from work place if you are working.
  • Score cared of IELTS/TOFEL or PTE
  • Any other relevant certificates
  • In case of working students, work experience letters are required
  • If you are applying for courses like art or design then portfolio of work should also be mentioned

    Enquiry Form


    For applying study visa in New Zealand students need to show the living expenses of 12 months and one year advance fee for the course chosen.

    Students can transfer living expenses in the bank account in new Zealand and 1 year tuition fee to the education provider as per immigration of new Zealand. This transferred amount remains locked for one year and then drip fed to the student on the pre arranged basis.

    This fund transfer scheme can also be opted for two years and it is for the students that genuinely intend to study but have not access to funds older than six months. Under this scheme, students need not to submit the verifiable documentary proof to demonstrate sources of funds but in the application form there must be satisfactory proof given for funds and source of income for their financial guarantors.


    • Draft of INR 11100 payable at New Delhi in the favor of IMMIGRATION NEW ZEALAND
    • Another draft of INR 625 payable at New Delhi in the favor of TT services
    • Recent 4 passport size photographs
    • Qualification documents from metric onwards both in original form and photocopy
    • Valid passport copy and original
    • Income tax returns of 3 years for all sponsors
    • Photocopy of work experience if has
    • Contact number of institution where funds are held
    • Stamp papers of Rs 10 for self and Rs 10 for parents and same amount for each additional sponsor
    • Residential address of all sponsors
    • Contact numbers of sponsors and their relationship with visa applicant
    • Employer name of each sponsor and years of service


    • Educational loan letter
    • Personal savings of student or sponsor that can include only parents, blood relatives and family friends
    • Saving bank statement 3 months old
    • Last 6 month old statement of fixed deposit
    • One year old P.O.MIS
    • 6 months old P.O. RD A/c
    • 6 months old NSC/KVP/IVP
    • LIC policy
    • GPF or PPF but only withdraw able part Income tax returns of all family members of last 3 years
    • If income is coming from agriculture then certificate from Patwari or Tehsildar is required for verification of land
    • Police clearance certificate
    • Medical


     Students can also show the funds provided by the educational loans but these loans are considered in full amount only if loan sanctioned letter cover the following points

    • Total loan amount
    • Specification for the margin money inclusion
    • Purpose of loan
    • Interest applicable
    • The collateral used
    • Name of Guarantor that can be only parents with relation specification
    • Terms of repayment /EMI/ period of repayment


    If students are applying for study visa along with his/her spouse then following additional documents are required

    • Certificate of registered marriage
    • Marriage photographs and video CD as evidence
    • 2 Affidavits from blood relatives who attended the marriage
    • HC Fee DDs

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