New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand is surrounded by pacific and Tasman oceans and consists two main islands, which are marked by the volcanoes and glaciations. New Zealand has the temperate climate and variations in geography. Natives of NZ like to lead outdoor life. In new Zealand you can enjoy more time with your friends or family members as you are at less than an hour distance from ocean and less than 4 hour distance from ski field, means on same day one can enjoy mountain bike, snowboard and surf.

New Zealand has the population near about 4 millions so one can even enjoy his life away from crowd. Auckland is the largest city of New Zealand that has more than 1.5 population of total. Other than this city, capital of NZ Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin is also counted in the big cities where one can enjoy the lifestyle of big cities.

International students can easily get mixed up in this English speaking country that offers familiarity of life with modern democracy. Students can get education based on the prestigious British system with the smaller size classes and top quality courses.


Between the 1250-1300, the islands were settled by the eastern Polynesians and with the passage of time these settlers developed their own recognition and distinct culture called ‘Maon’.

Initially, Dutch explorer called Abel Tasman revealed the first European thought to land on New Zealand Shores in 1642. After that there was the hostile encounter between the crew and local Maroi. Until the mapping of James Cook on the entire New Zealand Coastline in 1769, Europeans did not come back. After that, during the early 19th century the conflict between Maori and British get frequent.

In 1840, New Zealand was signed to become a colony by the Treaty of Waitangi so this proposal was invitation for many immigrants to make their homes in New Zealand and also this proposal resulted into many conflicts and New Zealand wars. The wars between the times 1845 to 1872 came to end with land ownership and settlers occupied the disputed land. These historical disputes are even today fought but in the courtrooms and with the negotiations.

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New Zealand is a constitutional monarchy under England and having queen as head of state. New Zealand has the parliamentary system with the prime minister to govern itself, after 3 years public cast votes to see a change in government. There are mainly two parties in New Zealand one is national party and other is labour party.

NZ is the first country in the world that had given the right of vote to woman in 1893. In 1902 flag of New Zealand was introduced in the form in which it is currently. Current form of the flag was introduced due to British four ties which is the British blue ensign with four stars represents the four brightest stars in the sky over the New Zealand called Southern Cross.

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