Living In New Zealand

Living In New Zealand

Each year many students come to study and live in New Zealand so there studying and living can be exciting if they are aware about some facts of New Zealand.

Quick facts about living in New Zealand


Dollars and cents are currency of New Zealand. Near to tertiary campus students can find easily one bank branch and ATM facility. Even all banks in New Zealand offer phone and internet banking.


New Zealand is situated in the southern hemisphere and the first two months of the year are warmest months and then for two months there remain autumn and from June to august students can enjoy winters. In the last months of the years people can enjoy spring season in New Zealand. Students can have experience of temperate climate here


Due to temperate climate, people in New Zealand like to enjoy outdoor recreation including the most common activities water sports, tramping and many others. But in New Zealand there is need to get escape from the sunburn as in New Zealand sun has strong UV rays.


Kiwis are famous for their warm hospitality and they give warm welcome to the people of different culture and like to socialize with them and sharing food. New Zealanders are of friendly nature so students can easily adjust in this environment.

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    Students can enjoy great experience of living in new Zealand at affordable prices. They can choose accommodation from the various available options as follows


    Most of the tertiary institutions and secondary schools in New Zealand have Halls of residence. It means international students can easily find halls of residence located at stone throw distance from campus.

    In these halls students can get single or twin share rooms with communal laundry, lounge, dining hall and other essential facilities like meals of the day


    Students also choose the accommodation with the option of home stay with the family in New Zealand. In this accommodation students can get meals and even friendly ambience in the family.

    This is the great option to get exposure of Kiwi culture and to meet and interact with the natives of English country.


    Some students choose to live in the flats and independent accommodations arranged on rental basis. These rental accommodations give you flexibility to live as per your preferences with the choice of bedrooms from 1 to 5 homes.

    These flats and rental accommodations can be easily found near to the colleges and universities.

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