Living In Canada

Living In Canada

Canada is considered as the best place to live in so the students can have excellent experience of living in Canada along with the high quality education.

However to get the unique experience of living in Canada students must be aware about the following facts


Students have the choice to open bank account in Canada according to their interest. If student wants to open the account in Canadian bank then he/she can enjoy the great banking services that help to save on international transactions.

With the nominal cost of $ 5 per month for bank account student can enjoy various benefits like internet banking and bill payments through cheques or cards.


Students can enjoy the great hospital and physician care like the Canadian citizens, covered under the medical insurance plans offered by the Canadian post secondary schools. Students can get easily information about the medical insurance and travel health insurance from the Canadian educational institution.


Climate of any country makes huge difference to living over there so knowledge about the climate of Canada is must for the students before landing to this country. Canada has diversity in the climate depending on the season and region you selected for living

Here you can enjoy four seasons spring, summer, fall and winter in a year and extreme temperature in the northern part can be less than 0 degree centigrade and only in few months this temperature goes above to freezing point.


Students can enjoy the highest rate of telephone, internet and cable television in Canada in the world as more than 85% of the population is connected through telephone or internet.

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    Students can have best accommodation facilities in Canada at the affordable prices and they can choose accommodation according to their comfort, convenience, preference and budget.


    International students prefer the dormitories for accommodation as they are usually located near their colleges or universities and in this type of accommodation they can have shared kitchen, laundry and bathroom facilities


    Students can also have choice of apartments, flats, rental room and board according to their preference. Students can choose rental accommodation near to their college campus on sharing base to save their money.


    Students can also enjoy driving in Canada as international driver’s permit is not necessary in Canada whereas here all foreign drivers’ licenses are counted valid. Students only need to check the eligibility for driving from the ministry of transportation in the province or territory.

    Even car rental companies also stipulate the drivers that have valid licenses and age more than 21 years.


    Students can enjoy safe environment in Canada but must be aware about some safety rules that needs to follow here.  International students are recommended to follow some common sense precautions for personal safety in Canada so that they could enjoy the best living here.

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