Living In Australia

Living In Australia

Along with the unique and best quality education system, students can have unique experience of living in Australia. Students are provided support services by the institutions and even other organizations also help the students to get adjust in the lifestyle of Australia

Students can have new experience of living in this country, which has been considered as the 4th happiest country in the world in 2012 and have 5 out of 30 best cities of the world.

Your location and type of education does not matter in Australia as everywhere is harmony and you can enjoy the best life in this country but with some research and planning.

Knowledge of following facts can help you to have better living experience in Australia


There are some rules for bringing money in Australia for bearing your living expenses and other costs. However there is not upper limit on the money that you can bring along with you but if you are planning to carry AUD10, 000 in cash in Australia then you have to declare it at the airport to Australian customs after landing in Australia.

If you want to carry promissory notes, traveler’s cheque, Personal cheque, money orders, postal orders then you are required to fill the bearer negotiable instrument form


Students must have the health insurance in Australia which is provided by Overseas Student Health Cover that covers the medical and health insurance. Your education provider can organize this insurance for you and even you can also select any OSHC provider by yourself.

If you are getting education from more than one educational provider then your one or both educational provider can arrange insurance for you but there must not be much gap between the two polices. OSHC provides you insurance up to 5 years and if your course is of longer years then this insurance cover can be taken for longer period.

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    Climate of the place matters a lot for a person and can make big difference of living so before going to study in Australia you must be aware about the climate of Australia.

    Australian climate has diversity means it may vary place to place but the overall weather remain same in country like in summers there is hot everywhere but with the varying degrees and even can be weather joke there.

    It is arid continent with 80% part having rainfall less than 600 millimeters annually and its 50 % part having even less that 300 millimeter rainfall per year

    Australia is located in the southern hemisphere so is opposite to northern hemispheres so in Australia people can enjoy Christmas in summers.


    In Australia students can have good quality accommodation that can be ranging from the halls of residence, boarding schools, stays at home, rental accommodations like apartments, houses or rooms.

    Even students can get accommodations in hotels and guesthouses however the sharing based or rental accommodations are quite common among the students who come for study in Australia.

    Even if the students have financial eligibility then they or their family members can also buy their own property in Australia.

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