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With the advancing modernity and the concept of global village setting in, many students plan to pursue their academic or professional aspirations abroad. The prospects are promising but one has to be thoroughly prepared for the same. The primary step you have to take is to apply for IELTS for quantifying your expertise level as far as English is concerned.

If you desire to work or study in the UK, then the application for  UK VISA might require English testing in the form of SELT, IELTS for UKVI or IELTS life skills.


As far as the format and the content is concerned, there is absolutely no difference in IELTS and IELTS UKVI. The level of difficulty, the scoring pattern is also the same. The only difference lies in the test report form, which will differ as it will mention that you appeared for the test at the official IELTS UKVI location, which is approved by UK Home Office.

Which Test Should Be Taken?

In case you are a student, it is better to check up with the school /college authorities about which one is required by them. A person applying for Tier4 or student visa for a bachelor degree at a university which is a tier 4 sponsor, you will have to meet the level of English language set by the institution. The British institutions accept IELTS academic results so if you have taken the test in the recent past, all you need to do is submit that result.

If you are not a student, then check with the authorities about the test format required.


These texts are carried out at the UKVI approved test center. British Council has various UKVI approved centers all around the globe for this purpose. Here, you can appear for both IELTS for UKVI (Academic and General Training) tests and IELTS Life Skills.

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IELTS for UKVI (General Training)

This test is applicable for those who want to pursue studies below degree level. It can also be used to undertake professional training or emigrating.

IELTS for UKVI (Academic)

This test is to be taken is the university or organization has requested you to do so. Check the fees details at your center for preparation regarding UK study VISA.

IELTS Life Skills

It is a test for people who need to show their proficiency in speaking and listening skills. There are various levels like A1,   A2 or B1,   which have been set by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Preparation for Life Skills Test for UK can be done at our centre.

IELTS Life Skills Levels:

IELTS Life Skills has 2   levels-


It is used to prove your mastery over English speaking and listening skills if you are applying for UK visa and immigration under ‘family of settled person ‘visa.


It is used to prove your English speaking and listening skills is you want to apply for UK visa and Immigration if you seek indefinite stay time or citizenship.

IELTS Life Skills Levels:

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