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Reading is the second module of IELTS exam that is different for the academic and general training students. Main purpose of this module is to test the ability of student to understand the written text and to find the specific information mentioned in the text.

This module is of 60 minutes and no extra time is provided to transfer the answers from reading booklet to answer sheet like listening module. In 60 minutes, student need to answer 40 questions of one mark each.


IELTS speaking is the oral face to face interview of the candidate taken by the examiner. All the speaking tests are recorded. This interview is generally taken for 11-14 minutes in which examiner evaluate the speaking proficiency of the candidate to give bands out of 9.

This interview is conducted in the 3 parts as explained below

Part 1

This session lasts for 4-5 minutes and is also known as introduction and interview session. In this part, examiner asks the candidate to introduce himself and also confirm the identity of candidate by checking valid original passport. In this session candidate is asked general questions based on the topics like work, study, interest, family and home.


Thi session is also known as cue card session in which candidate is provided a card to talk about particular topic for 1 to 2 minutes. For talking about the specific topic , candidate need to cover the points that were included in the cue card. In this session candidate is also provided one minute for the preparation of topic and even the pencil and pare to prepare the notes.

In this session examiner may ask the candidate to stop in between and ask some questions on the same topic


It is the last session of speaking module which is also known as two way discussions. This part lasts for 4-5 minutes in which candidate is invited to take part in two way discussion for having more abstract ideas related to part 2 means related to cue card topic.

Enquiry Form


Basic purpose of this module is to evaluate whether the candidate is comfortable and proficient in speaking English or not? So in this module variety of skills are accessed including the ability of candidate to communicate opinions and information on day to day topics and common experiences of life by answering the questions confidently.

In the second part, generally ability of candidate is evaluated to speak at length on given topic with the use of appropriate ideas, language and their organization. In this module candidates’ ability is also checked to express and justify opinions and to analyze and discuss the issues.

On the basis of candidates’ confidence, way of expressing ideas and presenting himself examiner give scores to him. This module is conducted as the formal interview of candidate to check his proficiency in speaking English so candidate is supposed to behave formally with appropriate body language and speaking.


For developing the speaking skills in candidate we work on following key points

IELTS Instructions
  • Building fluency to speak English
  • Skills to present ideas confidently
  • Smooth flow of ideas
  • Confidence building and presenting himself
  • Narration and comparing
  • Summarizing and expressing ideas
  • Comprehending correctly to questions asked by examiner
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