Listening is the first part of IELTS exam and this module is same for both academic and general training candidates. For this module question booklets are provided to the candidates along with the answer sheets. Listening booklets contain the instructions and questions and candidates are allowed to write on booklets with pencils.

Listening track is recorded in a CD and is played at the time of examination only one time. Duration of the listening track is 30 minutes and candidates are supposed to listen the track with provided head phones and answer the questions mentioned in the question booklet.

After the end of listening test 10 minutes are given to candidates to transfer the answers from question booklet to answer booklet neatly. One mark is generally provided for one correct answer but it should be written neatly and keeping in mind about the rules of grammar and in correct spelling.


IELTS listening contain the 4 sections that having 40 questions in total for 40 marks. In different sections students can find different type of tracks as follows

Listening section 1

This section contains the conversation between two people about everyday social context

Listening section 2

This section contains monologue set in everyday context

Listening section 3

In this section candidates can find conversation in which up to 4 persons can be included and are set in educational context like university tutor etc.

Listening section 4

In this section a monologue will be played on an academic subject like lector of university tutor


  • Fill in the gaps with the missing word
  • Short answers not more than three words
  • Multi choice questions with options A,B and C
  • Multiple matching with two or more answers from list related to single question
  • Labeling of plans, diagrams, flowcharts or maps in one to three –four words

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    Listening booklet contains 40 questions of one mark means this module is of 40 marks and following is the table that shows the transformation of marks in IELTS bands

    Listening scores 9 12 16 19 23 27 30 33 35 37 40
    Listening bands 4 4.5 5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9
    IELTS Instructions

    Scores and bands given in the above table may vary in the actual exam with one or two marks like 4 bands can be given even with 8 marks.


    To prepare the students for listening module we focus on the following key points to develop listening skills

    • How to identify the central idea
    • How to develop orientation towards the text
    • Concentrating on particular information
    • Marking details
    • Listening practice skills with detailed feedback
    • Specific skills and strategy for answering specific question type
    • Recognition and marking rhythm, stress and intonation
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