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French is the second most popular language after English in the foreign countries so people that are planning to move abroad for studies or global language, learning French has become important. It is official language in more than 25 countries on 5 continents so learning this language opens the doors for person to immigrate to francophone countries like Canada. Even due to emergence of many MNC in India, learning French provide job opportunities in India as MNCs look for French speaking employees.

Mindaway educational center make it easier for you to learn this foreign language with fun learning environment. We provide extra care and individual attention to students learning French.

We offer the following different courses to learn French according to level of students

Introductory course

This is basic level of course that help you to recognize and use familiar words and make you able to introduce himself or someone else. This course is only for the students that want to learn French only to communicate in basic way

Elementary course

In this course we train the students to use simple words of French for introduction and to describe his/her surroundings

Intermediate course

After this course students become capable to produce a simple and cohesive text on familiar subject and can understand this language up to simple sentences or phrases

Upper intermediate course

After this course student can communicate with spontaneity and fluency and can express his ideas or views on various topics

Advanced level

This is advanced level of coaching and in this course students are made fluent in speaking and understanding French on both professional and academic context.

Master or proficient course

This course is for the students that have prior basic knowledge about French. After this course students become proficient in speaking, writing and reading French.

Choose the best French coaching classes in Ludhiana by choosing us as our team of professional, efficient and experienced trainers strive to give their best by initiating coaching from your ground.

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