Courses In Canada

Courses In Canada

International students can enjoy the best education in Canada as they have option to choose from the 10,000 undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the approximately 92 universities and 175 community colleges.

Students can have following levels of educational programs in Canada

  1. One year program for certificate level
  2. One or two years program for diploma level
  3. Two to three years for advance diploma level
  4. Bachelor level degree
  5. Post graduation certificates or diplomas of one to two years
  6. Master’s degree of one to two years
  7. PhD of four to seven years

Even apart from the above level students can opt the undergraduate level, bachelor of engineering and bachelor of Administrative studies, post graduate level programs like PGD in management, MBA, MS and LLB degrees.

International students that are seeking for the post graduation level studies can get the additional benefit in Canada as here they can get the numerous vibrant opportunities for research work supported by Canadian government and associated industry, as research is the key component for the Canadian education

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