Computer Delivered IELTS

Computer Delivered IELTS

IELTS is a basic test you will have to pass to get admission in international lands to pursue your studies. The paper-based test, which has been the benchmark for your eligibility for overseas education has recently been struck by the cyber revolution. Now you have the option of giving the IELTS through the computer. While the traditional test has 50 test centers and only 48 test dates annually, you have a better choice with the computer-based option. The IELTS has now become a computer-based test. IELTS test on the computer has more options as far as test dates are concerned. The results are declared within a maximum duration of 1 week.

How and where of computer-based IELTS


Computer-Delivered IELTS Test page is a new trend which has caught the fancy of many IELTS examinees. It is a convenient and fast method of giving the exam and getting quick results. This type of exam is available throughout various locations in India. The takers can select from multiple test dates which offer the opportunity 7 days a week at   Computer-Delivered IELTS Test centre. The timing also can be chosen from three time- slots available for each day. What’s more, the fee is the same as paper-based IELTS which is 12,650 rupees. However, if you still prefer to give the test in the traditional way, it is possible.


The format of the paper

Both the formats, general and academic are available in the computer-based option. As we all know that IELTS consists of various sections-Listening, Reading, Writing, and speaking. The first three sections are similar to the paper-based format. The type of questions, content, the timings, and the marking scheme are similar.

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What about the speaking test?


. It is necessary to assess the candidate’s English speaking  skills, that’s why we have arranged for a face to face interview with the human examiner. This aspect is, of course, better conducted with the help of a human as compared to a computer. We want you to make a note of the points which work in its favor –

  1. Private room, where the speaking test is conducted is free from disturbance and noise.
  2. The questions can be rephrased or repeated for the candidate .
  3. The examiner can keep up with the level and pace of English of the candidate.
  4. As in the case of a computer, the examiners will not time out on you.
  5. The examiner can understand your accent
  6. The human examiner can very well judge your strength better than a computer.

How to prepare for CD-IELTS

Of course, you need to prepare thoroughly for CD IELTS . The examinees which feel jittery about giving the exam on the smartest machine need not worry as the CD IELTS Coaching institutes prepare their candidates for the computer-based exam. If you want to give the IELTS exam in a computer-delivered fashion, trust your IELTS institute to train you accordingly.

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