Why Study in Canada Is Better Than Study in US?

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Following your dream of getting education abroad is the mission which many students embark on. Many students across the world opt for international education. There has been a definite shift towards Canada as the most preferred study destination. If we go by the statistics, there has been a decline of 39 % in international applications in noted American universities. But the trend is reversed in Canada. Canadian universities have shown a rise. The figures at various universities show an increase ranging from  20 -33 %. If you want to Study in Canada, your chances are favorable. But before applying for the visa, do enroll yourself at the IELTS Centre in Ludhiana to get a good IELTS score.

Canada versus the USA: a reality check

If you go through the points given below, you will feel that it is not a surprise that the Canadian universities have seen a surge in admissions –

Difficulty in getting Visa

The H1B Visa process is much more difficult,  time-consuming and complex. Securing the Canadian visa is much easier in comparison. It offers less time consumption and simplicity.

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Cost of Living: a major factor

The cost of living is higher in America. If you calculate it, the sum total of accommodation and meals are much higher than the Canadian cost of living.

High Tuition Fee

The American universities charge hefty fees for tuition and study material. Securing a scholarship or any other financial aid is no longer an easy task.

Career options

Due to the new policies proposed by the new leaders, there has been a sharp decline in the job opportunities for immigrants. No employment is being provided to students whose graduation is not sponsored.

Healthcare policies

It is required that the International students apply for health insurance which means extra expenditure as they have to pay high premiums for it.

Why Canada?

While the USA is discouraging the international students and workers , the Canadian universities have flung their doors open for them. We will further look at the plus points of Canada –

Top Universities

According to  QS World University Ranking 2018, 26 Universities of Canada figured among the world’s best universities. McGill University, University of British Columbia, University of Toronto are some of the world’s best universities.

A wide range of study programs

Canadian universities offer various programs like Engineering, Computer Science,  Hospitality, Business Management, and Nursing. The students can also apply for pursuing vocational courses aimed at getting employment.

Easy Visa Application Process

Canada welcomes all international students with open arms. The visa application process is not as complex. The application can be submitted through the computer. The students can easily apply for a work permit for 3 years after graduating.

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