What’s a Good recommended IELTS Score?

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IELTS is explained as an International English Language Testing System which is generally designed for people who want to study and work in English speaking nations. IELTS test is of two types, for example, Academic and General training. In which Academic test is taken by students who need to study in other countries whereas the General Training test is taken by people who want to get permanent residency of an English speaking nation.

IELTS include 4 types of modules such as Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. These all modules are important to get higher bands in IELTS exam. Additionally, the majority of people think that it is an easy test but they are unable to prepare it at home. In this situation, they should join our IELTS Institute in Ludhiana so that they can easily get their desired bands. Our IELTS center will give you IELTS tips in order to get higher marks with the goal to accomplish your targets.

What is a good IELTS score?

IELTS score is graded on the scale of 9 bands. In which students need to get 6 each for getting visa of Canada and Australia. Whereas people who want to get permanent residency of these countries they must have 7 each or 8 7 7 7 bands. In which 8 in listening and 7 in the rest of modules such as Reading, Writing, and speaking.

Band 6

A person who got 6 overall bands is declared as a competent user. It means he has knowledge of English but not proper or he is not accurate in this language. Additionally, this means you are only able to describe some familiar situations but not able to describe unfamiliar conditions.

Band 7

People who get 7 bands are known as good users because they are coping with complex and some unfamiliar situations. In addition, these students are made rare mistakes because you have good command over the English language. This is a good score if you are thinking to get admission in the best college or abroad.

Band 8

If you get 8 bands in IELTS then you are a very good user you have very good command over the English language. You need to improve only your sone or little mistakes. You are able to make more complex sentences. This score is useful to get permanent residency in an English speaking nation.

Band 9

People who get band 9 in IELTS are expert users because they know everything about their the language. Some people consider them as perfect but no one has full perfection in the English language. So you also need to learn some new things related to language.

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