What SAT Score is a Good Score?

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Before knowing what SAT score is a good score it is necessary to know that what actually does SAT score means. SAT score is some standardized score which is set for the students who are willing to take admission in the United States and it requires a proper SAT Coaching. Earlier SAT was the abbreviation used for scholastic aptitude test but now the abbreviation of SAT has been changed to scholastic assessment test. This test of SAT is a paper-based standardized test for the students who want to pursue their education in the United States.

Now coming to the point what SAT score is a good score. Earlier the score was given out of 2400 but now the reading and writing sessions have been combined and the score is given out of 1600.

Different colleges and Universities have a different set of scores set. Listing the few top 100 universities of the United States the Princeton University has the score range between 1470 – 1590. The Harvard University of the US has a score range between  1470 – 1580. Yale University has a score range between 1420 – 1590. Columbia University has a score range between 1490 – 1580. Stanford University has the score range between 1450 – 1590. The University of Chicago has a score range between 1490 – 1590. Duke University has the score range between 1440 -1570.  So here is the list of certain universities who have set different scores for the admission criteria. Depending upon the university or college student needs to take eligible score. In the admission process, it is not just SAT score that will matter but certain other things will also add on to the process of admission. GPA, extracurricular activities, essays, and recommendations all these things will also add on for the admission of a student in the US.

If a student fails to achieve the desired score he or she can consider taking the exam next time in a period of 3 to 6 months. For this, the student must ensure quality time for the study. The student must set study hours aside. The student must also focus on test and preparations for the SAT exam. Talking to the teachers, other students and the colleagues can also add on to increase the SAT score and attaining the score set for the student for taking admission in any college or university of the United States. So a good SAT score depends upon the college or University you want to take admission in.

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