Tips To Writer Better Descriptive Essays in English

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The main point while writing a descriptive essay is to make a picture in the audience’s mind by letting all the five senses work. In case you are able to master this technique then your essay is successful. In case you cannot do it, then there is a lot of hard work for you to do. IELTS writing requires a lot of dedication to be done, hence one has to be very careful writing an essay.

Some IELTS tips which will help you in writing a better essay.

Select a topic

A descriptive essay will work on a single event, a person, a place or any item. While writing an essay, make sure to communicate your thoughts about the topic by describing the topic and also the way that you will present for your reader. You need to show your reader what you are trying to describe by clarifying the things clearing so that they have a mental picture in their mind of what they are going to read.

The essay needs to be organized in such a  way which helps your topic to make some sense. If you wish to describe an event or function, you will have to write paragraphs in a sequence. Your paragraph written as an introduction will give a general idea of what the rest of the essay is all about.

Make a good impression

The next step is to make a good impression. This is a single thought which can be very important in your whole essay. It will give a purpose and also manage the way the information is being transferred in the essay.

Make a sketch

Then you can make a sketch recording the details of the discussion of every paragraph.

Think about the ending part

Then comes the ending part. The paragraph should be a summary of your entire essay. The ending part also needs to be written very well, since it is the final thing which readers will read and they are surely going to remember for a long time.

Examine your essay one last time

The last part is of examining your essay. Take a look at it and see as a different person reading it. Read the whole essay, and ask questions like does the essay make any sense to you or not? Is it easy to read or do you have any difficulty in reading it?

The choice of words and language which you select while writing the essay needs to describe a specific topic. The details you give should be able to give the reader strong information through which they are able to form a full picture.

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