Tips to Use IELTS Speaking Sample Questions Effectively

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IELTS is not a cup of tea for everyone, because you need to score well in each and every module. In this context we are going to guide you about the speaking module in order to improve your band score.

Thousands of people are struggling to crack the IELTS exam but sometimes they are unable to get the desired band. We recently investigated this issue, only then we are able to understand the reason behind the low score. Many students get desired band score in listening, writing, and reading module but they are unable to get a better score in speaking. This happens because they are unable to speak a single word in front of examiner due to hesitation and lack of practice or knowledge about the topic.

In order to improve your speaking skills and band score, you must visit our IELTS institute once. Because we are leading the well-known and popular IELTS centre in a famous city of Punjab such as Ludhiana.

Moreover, you do not book your IELTS test until you will not able to speak fluently without any mistake. Here are some tips to use speaking questions effectively.


Grammar is a necessary part of our English, without we can’t even imagine this language. When you are going to practice speaking question, you need to know or understand the grammar well. You must understand in which tense form do you need to answer your question. This is only possible when you understand the question well, and then only you are able to give the right answer according to question.

No need to worry about questions, because the speaking module is totally based on your personal experiences, social factors, about your work or education, and family as well.

Need To Understand The Structure

In order to improve Score in speaking, you need to understand the structure of the IELTS speaking module. In the speaking module, you have to speak or communicate with your examiner for 12-15 minutes. There are three parts of this test such as part 1 contain questions related to your education, work, experiences, and family as well. In part 2 you have to speak on a topic for 2-3 minutes which is additionally known as cue card. At last, part 3 is related to part 2, which contain follow up questions related to the cue card.

Fluency and Pronunciation

These both factors are too essential in the speaking module. Your examiner only judges you according to your fluency and how do you pronounce a word. Your speaking band score is also based on both these factors. In order to make you perfect, you need to do more practice every day. Moreover, practicing sample questions is a good choice to improve your speaking skills such as pronunciation and fluency as well.

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