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You may come across many guidelines for improving your SAT score but it is indeed very important to know and understand the content and the format of the test. You must also become familiar with the manner in which the assessment takes place.

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t score well in your first attempt. It happens to the best of us. In fact, there is a great scope for improvement with your next SAT session. If we go by the statistics, most examinees improved their score by a great amount in the second attempt. Of course, it will pay you if you enroll yourself at an SAT institute. With SAT coaching, you can be sure that your efforts won’t be wasted.

Read on for getting the perfect SAT scores-

  1. Prepare for the next SAT even when you are not free from the first one

As soon as you have given your answer sheet of the first SAT test, take note of the questions that confused you and the questions which were difficult to solve. Also, make notes about which sections which were harder than expected. These notes will help you prepare for the second round. If you don’t get enough time to write these things right after the test , set aside sometime after the test and try to recall the questions that baffled you or were competently unexpected. Try to recall as much as you can so that you can benefit from the experience.

  1. Make the right deduction

It will pay you if you pay attention to your sub scores to determine where you need to put in hard work. Go through the sections thoroughly and determine your areas of weakness.

  1. Keep a target

Of course, your target is to clear the SAT exam, but setting a target score will help you. You will have to set a score which is in accordance with your potential and realistic enough to achieve. You could aim for improving somewhere between 100-200 points depending on your score. You should also consider the schools you are aiming for and the range of marks they require.

  1. Figure out your faults

There are many areas which contribute to your low score.

Anxiety could be one of them. It can be handled by giving the test repeatedly.

Work on careless mistakes which may be caused due to anxiety or doing the exam hurriedly.

Work on your timing. If you are unable to answer questions within a specific time frame, it will work against you.

Some mistakes occur due to lack of knowledge. Brush up your basic skills if you feel this is the area where you lack.

  1. Study in groups

Check with your group of friends or school if they have a study group related to SAT. It will definitely benefit you to study in a group.

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