Tips To get Desired IELTS Bands After 1 Month Coaching

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IELTS stands for The International English Language Testing System which is designed for people who want to study or work abroad. This is the test which has two types Academic and General Training. In which Academic test is specially designed for people who wish to pursue their higher study in English speaking nations. Whereas the General Training test is for those who want to get permanent residency of any other nation.

Moreover, IELTS has 4 modules Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. These all the modules require full practice and determination so that you can score higher bands. Many people claim that they got their desired bands after one-month coaching. Yes, this is possible but first, you have to join IELTS institute with the goal to get proper IELTS coaching. You must visit our IELTS centre once if still, you are in doubt. We will guide you about the exam pattern and gives you proper tips to score higher.

Tips To Get Desired Bands Just After One Month-preparation

Reading-: Many people consider it a difficult module but this is not as difficult as Writing module. Reading is our habit because we read many things daily in our life but if we talk about IELTS reading then it is totally different from normal reading. Since in this you have to answer the different types of questions. So, you should only skim and scan the passage and then try to answer the question. With your reading habit, you can easily find the answers. In this way, you have read a newspaper daily so that you can improve your reading skills.

Listening-: This is the quite simple and easy module as compared to others but many students claim that they are not good at some questions such as MCQ such as Multiple choice questions. In this way, you should make notes when you are listening script and then try to answer the question. Moreover, you should also try to watch English movies but without subtitles.

Writing-: This is the module which requires too much determination and practice. This is not only factors but also need good English so that you can simply state your point of view in the essay and letter writing. This module has to task in which essay writing has more weight as compared to letter or graphs. You should not focus on vocab only but also focus on your ideas and sentence structuring or grammar.

Speaking-: This is the module in which you have to speak for 15 minutes or you can say you have to communicate with your examiner on some life-related question. In this module, he will judge you on the basis of grammar, fluency, coherence, and cohesion. You should try to speak in English all the time even in your home.

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