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If you are thinking to apply for PR in Canada then you should first understand the rules and regulations of the application. In addition, you should also get knowledge about the programs that are designed by immigration for Canada PR.

For instances:

  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program

These programs are designed for all the applicants who are not in Canada and want to get PR or students who are on Canada study visa.

Express Entry System

The fastest route for Canadian PR is Express entry which was introduced in 2015. this system is based on the points and scores that you got according to your personal details, qualification, and language proficiency.  This systems usually take 6 months for completion but this is the system which offers you the right way to get PR in Canada. There are several steps of Express entry system which are explained at below-:

Check your eligibility

Firstly you should check your eligibility for express entry pool in order to get a Canada visa. In this section, you have to meet the requirements of this system, for example, language proficiency, experience, education, and age. These factors are essential to apply for Canadian PR

Language proficiency-: In language proficiency, you need to get 8 7 7 7 in IELTS. You have to score 8 bands in listening, and 7 in the rest of modules such as Reading, writing and speaking. This is the most important factor to compete in the pool.

Education-: You should check the education requirements such as you must have graduation degree in relevant field or you must have a master degree from a recognized university or college. And you should also send your documents to WES for evaluation because it will save your time and money as well.

Age-: Age factor is too necessary because if you are above 30 then it will affect your points. You will lose 5 points if you are over-age or beyond the age of 30. additionally, you should keep these things in mind while thinking of PR.

Work Experience-: You need to show your valid experience of 1-2 years but in the relevant field that you choose to get PR in Canada. Immigration does not accept the combined experience such as if you have 2-year experience of marketing and 1 year of the editor then it should not be accepted. Make sure you have valid experience because immigration does not accept the fraud ones.

Spouse-: If you are married then don’t worry it is not necessary to take IELTS test for your spouse. Additionally, he does not need to evaluate his education certificates.  If you are lacking in points then you should add the education credentials of your spouse. Because it will maximize your score and you will able to apply the PR.

Educational Credentials Assessment

After this, you should evaluate your educational credentials from WES. For this, you

have to apply transcripts to your university from where you completed degree. They will directly send it to WES for evaluation. If you have completed your education from 2 different universities then apply in both. This is too mandatory because sometimes people make fraud certificates.

Create your profile

If you meet the requirements and eligibility criteria of express entry system then you must ready your documents such as education, age, work experience, and language proficiency proof. Creation of your profile is essential, for example, you have to submit your profile to Canadian immigration. In addition, you have to wait for the invitation for a month or 40 days. They will inform you via mail you if you meet the requirements.

Application Submission

After posting the documents and getting the invitation you are able to submit your application. In addition, you must wait for approval and they always make a draw according to points. If you meet the draw then you may get the Permanent residency of Canada.

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