Tips for Scoring High PTE Writing Score

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PTE is the globally accepted English test to study abroad and immigration for the non-English speakers. It is a computer-based test which assesses reading, writing, speaking and listening tests. For aspirants who wish to study abroad for higher education but belong to countries where English is not the native language. PTE evaluates the real-life calculation of language proficiency of students and the score of PTE is accepted for admission in quite a lot of institutions in any part of the world. Including countries like Australia New Zealand the UK and the USA.

At the time of the PTE test, candidates use a computer and headphones to listen, respond and read the question. They come across real-life academic content like they hear small excerpts from a lecture. The candidates hear varieties of accents in the test, also gets exposure to the type of accents they may encounter every day when they are staying abroad for higher studies. Mock tests are also taken to make it easier day by day in understanding what are the problems and difficulties you are facing.

Tips for Scoring High PTE Writing Score

  1. Be careful while reading the passage

Read the essay quickly once to have a clear and basic understanding of what you are doing. This is the main step to take hold of the core. Focus right on the topic. Some essays require your opinions on given topics if you don’t answer it to the point your score may be affected.

  1. Time management

Time management is the key to your PTE writing test. You should not exceed a word limit. You only have 30 minutes for the exam. Manage time and focus on the word limit and do not increase anywhere from 50 words.

  1. Practice and practice more

Practicing writing quickly can increase the habit of thinking and write fast. Try to increase your writing speed if you write slow.

  1. Check what you have written

This is important so that there is no chance of having mistakes in your writing. Do not submit without proofreading what you have written. This will increase the chances of silly mistakes, punctuation and sentence formation.

  1. Plan your points before writing

Some people are usually afraid of planning the points before so that they  don’t lose time, but planning the points before writing is very important because you will not suffer when you stuck in the middle of your writing and you will know what you are writing.

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