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IELTS writing task 2 is not an easy task in order to achieve higher bands. You should frame it very carefully because it is not just about writing an essay but more than this. You should keep in mind many things when you start writing task2. In addition, you have to write 250 words in task2 in both Academic and General Training exam. You should join our IELTS center in Ludhiana in order to get IELTS tips because our staff is so trained and skilled. They will offer you many tips in order to frame an effective essay in IELTS writing include-:

  • Understand the question

Firstly you should understand the essay question in order to write appropriately. If you are unable to understand it the first time then re-read the question and mark the key points. There are different types of question in writing task2 such as agree or disagree, pros and cons, and state your opinion. Secondly, you must plan your essay and map out your ideas. It is a good idea to devote the first five minutes to plan your essay because in this way you are able to write on track topic.

  • Introduction

Introduction of any essay plays an important role because your examiner judges you on the basis of the introduction you write. In addition, make sure you should paraphrase the question in your own words because if you write the same as a question it may deduct your bands. You should also clarify your opinion in the introduction passage and introduction should be of 50-70 words.

  • Frame Paragraph one

You should frame paragraph one with your opposite view or disagree point. You should state your first point with example and then write down the second point. Don’t use personal pronouns in writing task2 and do not include personal experiences or examples in order to state your point. No matter how much vocab you know but if you are lacking in grammatical range then your examiner not even give you 5 band in writing.

  • Paragraph 2

You should write your own opinion in paragraph 2. In this passage you have to state your point of view, you can also add the words or connectors such as according to my point of view, in my point view, and in my opinion. You can also use connectors such as moreover, additionally, furthermore, and in spite of. Moreover, you should also give an example with the goal to prove your opinion.

  • Conclusion

A conclusion must be based on your own opinion or what you wrote in the introduction. Not write anything different from your introduction because it will consider as contradictory.

Moreover, You should exceed your words on 280 also but do not write less than 250. Actually, there is no such limit for maximum word count but if you try to expand your essay then you will make more mistakes. So you should repetition of words and sentences also.

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