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The SAT exam is explained as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, and this is the type of entrance exam which is generally designed for a student with the goal to get admission in the best colleges abroad. The most important reason for giving this SAT exam is to find the best college in order to improve skills and pursue study abroad. This is the test which includes 3 modules, for example, writing, reading, math, and an optional essay. This is not an easy task or exam to crack without SAT coaching. You must join our SAT coaching institute which will offer you many benefits such as tips and guidelines to crack this exam.

What is the exact time to complete the SAT exam?

The SAT exam usually takes 3 hours to complete the test. In addition, this is the test which also includes the 15 minutes breaks. This test actually takes 4 hours 5 minutes if you are going to attempt an optional essay. You should first understand the time which is taken by this test for completion. This is the test which includes 3 sections such as reading, writing, and math.

SAT Test Time According to Modules

Reading-: This is a test which contains 65 minutes. And you have to complete 52 questions in this time period. In this module, you have to attempt passages and some type of other questions.

Writing-: In this module, you have to attempt 44 questions only in 35 minutes. You have to practice properly this module so that you can get a high score. If you are unable to practice this module at home then go for coaching in order to crack this exam.

Math-: In this module, you have to attempt 58 questions within 80 mins only. This is the module you have to attempt carefully because this exam only includes negative marking.

Optional essay-: This is the optional module such as essay writing. This is the module which is only attempted by some students who have a great interest in essay writing. This is the module which takes 50 minutes in order to attempt one essay.

You should visit our institute once so that you can get proper knowledge about the SAT exam. You should practice the exam properly in order to crack this SAT test. Without proper practice, you are not able to crack this exam so, in this way you should join our coaching center because we have trained and experienced staff.

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