Things You Shouldn’t do In IELTS Essay

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IELTS stands for The International English Language Testing System which is designed for study, work, and permanent residence. IELTS includes two types of test, for example, Academic and General Training. An Academic IELTS is designed for students who want to study in abroad and English speaking nation. Whereas General Training is designed for people who want to get permanent residency also wish to work in other nations. Moreover, IELTS include 4 modules such as Listening, Reading, Writing, and speaking.

Many people think that IELTS is a too easy task. No, IELTS is not an easy task because it needs proficient language. In addition, many people struggle for higher bands but they are unable to get their desired band due to lack of coaching and preparation. People think if they get higher band score in listening and reading then it will automatically increase their overall score but this is not fact. Writing module needs extra care and exact language proficiency in order to get a higher band score. There are some tips to ensure that you are attempting writing task accurately such as do not overuse connecting words, too many idioms can lead to band deduction, and use formal language structure.

Some Don’ts of IELTS Essay

Don’t rush to answer the questions

Majority of candidate immediately start writing when they get question paper. This is totally wrong because in this way you may approach your essay question in a wrong manner. You should spend at least 5 minutes to understand the essay question properly, after that you must organize your and start writing. People who do not have proper training are usually attempted writing in this way. You must join the IELTS center because we have trained staff who will give you IELTS tips to maximize your score.

Don’t write too many words if your English is average

You have to write 250 words in IELTS essay, you can maximize this word limit according to your knowledge related to the topic. But you should try to avoid to write fewer words than 250 because it can lead to a low score. Make sure you should write only limited words if your English is average because it can deduct your band.

Avoid excessive use of connecting words

You should try to avoid overuse of connecting words because it will distract you from your original motive. Many people use more connecting words in order to impress their examiner but it goes wrong because he wants to judge your natural command over English. Additionally, you should try to write your answer in a proper way such as link your paragraph with each other so that your examiner can understand it easily.

Avoid repetition of words

Many people write excessive idioms in their essay with the goal to impress their examiner which is totally wrong. You should try to write only those idioms and words that are related to the topic. In addition, you can also try to write a single word only once in the entire essay, you can also use synonyms instead of repetition. And make sure you do not forget to leave a blank line between paragraphs.

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