Things You Don’t Know About Study in Canada

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These days the majority of international students are struggling to study in Canada. Since Canada is the nation which offers many benefits to students so that they can grow and contribute to the country’s income. When you are thinking to study in Canada make sure you will definitely go through factors mentioned so that you won’t face any difficulty in the future. There are so many facts which you need to know about Canada, the study system of Canada, and their culture.

Here are some facts about the Study System of Canada That You Don’t Know:-

Universities of Canada are one of the best universities in this world.

Firstly the universities of Canada are one of the best universities across the world because they focus on career-oriented courses. If you really want to get admission in these universities then you have to get higher bands in IELTS. In order to get a higher band, you have to join our IELTS center in Ludhiana because we are only one in Ludhiana who offer you quality education.

Different fee structures for international and domestic students

You may don’t know about the different fee structures but here we would like to clear this. Canada has a different fee structure for domestic and international students, if you are planning to study Canada then you may need to pay higher fees than domestic students which includes faculty salary, lab maintenance, and so on.

Canada has two official languages

Yes, Canada is the nation which has two native languages include English and French. English is a language which is mainly spoken in all over the nation but  French is the language which basically spoken in Quebec state. Moreover, no doubt, millions of Canadians speak both the languages in order to exchange their ideas.

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Hockey is the national game of Canada

Canadian’s love and respect hockey so much because this is their national game. If you are a hockey lover, it will be beneficial for you in order to grow yourself in games as well.

Student Accommodations are also available

No need to worry about accommodation if you are going to study Canada because you have so many options to choose from halls of residence, flats, student homes, and student housing. Moreover, you can choose according to your income and pocket.

Additionally, you can also find part-time jobs there so no need to worry about next semester fees.

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