Things To Keep In Mind While Giving Computer IELTS Exam

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Computers have entered every field. Many processes have become entirely computerized. The progress can be felt in various areas. Many activities which were done manually before are being done with the help of computers. The IELTS exam is the latest to be influenced by the computers. Now you have the option of giving either the paper-based test or the computer-based test. The paper-based test option is still there. It has existed for quite some time now, but the latest form in which you can give the exam is computer-based tests (CBT). While this option was available for IELTS test takers from 2016, the Australian embassy has implemented it just a few months ago. Practice for it with your IELTS institute faculty.

What is new with CBT?

Of course, the complexity of the test will be the same. Only the manner in which you give the exam will change. The test will be delivered by computers and so will be the result. Thus you will get faster results. Although both the options of CBT and PBT are at the disposal of the people, one must be prepared for the CBT, your IELTS center should impart training regarding the same. You should keep the following points in mind while appearing for your Computer IELTS.

The components of the test which come under CBT

The Computer IELTS will handle all the components of IELTS in the same way except speaking. It will cover the listening, reading and writing sections. They will be similar to the PBT in all aspects –timing, content, and marking. The speaking test will be carried out with the help of a human examiner who will interact with you face to face. The writing and the speaking components will be evaluated with the help of human examiners.

The availability of results

The results will be available in a span of 5-7 days.

Will it influence my results?

According to a study, the scores are unlikely to be influenced by the use of computers. The evaluators awarded the same kind of marks , whether the exam was given on computer or paper. The conclusion was carried forth after the same candidate was made to give the exam in both the ways and the evaluation was given to two independent evaluators.

The other advantages

The centers are less crowded with the advent of CBT. The order of the sections is different though. The CBT starts with Listening. It is followed by Reading, Writing, and finally Speaking. The speaking section is evaluated by a human evaluator.

CBT does not allow extra 10 minutes for listening as was with PBT. Although the candidate will be given some time to check his answers at the end of different sections, no extra time will be allotted in the end. The candidate will be provided with a headset and a computer booth for giving the test. Once you start by clicking on the ‘click button, the questions are displayed. There is a clock at the top of the screen which will turn red when you have just 10 minutes left. There is also a provision for reviewing your answers. You can also hide the screen if you want to leave the room for some time. So smile and give the exam without a worry!

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