Some Difference and Similarities of IELTS and PTE

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The IELTS and PTE exams are not similar but yes these both tests are designed for language proficiency. International English Language Testing Standard (IELTS) is an English language test which is jointly conducted by the British Council, Cambridge English Language Assessment and IDP education. The IELTS test was established in 1989 to test and certify the language of the non-native English speakers. Students who want to understand the pattern of IELTS exam should join the IELTS institute.

Pearson Test of English (PTE) was launched in 2009 by an educational company Pearson. It is also an English language and it is conducted in association with Edexcel and it is the largest examining body of the UK. Students who want to understand the pattern of the PTE exam should join the PTE institute.

The similarity between IELTS and PTE

  • Test version

Both IELTS and PTE include 2 common versions which are Academic and General training. The Academic is for those people who want to pursue higher education and people who want to have a work permit and PR can opt for General Training. But PTE also offers you one more additional version such as Young Learners Test. Young learner’s test is designed to check the language proficiency of children.

  • Module

These both exams include four modules Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. These all the modules are the same for both exam types.

Difference between IELTS and PTE

  •    Test Content and Structure

The structure of both the exams is similar for example, these both have the same sections. These exams include Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. But the content and pattern of both the exams are different from each other. PTE is basically a computer-based exam whereas IELTS is an offline exam. In PTE you have to write all the answers on the screen and speaking is also performed with the system. But in IELTS an examiner take your speaking test.

  • Scoring Pattern and Results

Scoring pattern of both exams is different, in IELTS you have to score from 9 bands such as 0-9. whereas in PTE there are scores designed 10 to 90. additionally, the result of PTE is out after 5 days of exam whereas IELTS result is out on the 13th day of the exam.

  • Test location and Dates

IELTS exam is conducted in more than 130 countries in around 900 centers which are spread over the world and they have 48 pre-fixed dates. The General Test is available in a year on 24 fixed days. PTE test center is located in more than 50 countries and then be taken on any date according to the availability of the seat. PTE test center in India is in more than 15 cities.

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