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Majority of students are struggling to go abroad mainly Canada so that they can get the proper education from the world’s best universities. During the whole process, the Canada visa interview plays an important before the Canada study Visa. In this interview, the higher authorities want to know about your documents whether they are original or not. Moreover, they also want to know the truth behind your study visa, that’s why they conduct an interview but this is not mandatory for all the applicants. Only some of the applicants who have to answer the few questions in order to prove yourself as the right candidate for a visa.

There are several questions which are asked by authorities to the applicants include-:

What is your purpose to study in Canada?

It is too imperative for you to understand your real intention. You have to clear them that you only want to go to Canada for higher studies because you heard about the education system of Canada. Since this is the country which offers you the best education system in the world’s best universities.

Why do you want to study at this particular university?

In order to state your reason behind this, you must search about the university so that they can believe your real intention. The way of teaching, faculty, and the rank in the world compels me to choose this particular university for higher education. Moreover, I want to grab all the knowledge from the faculty members and the seniors present in this field so that I can use this in achieving my goals.

How will you deposit your fees or do you have proper funds?

You have to show all your funds in order to pay your fees because they only allow you to work there for 20 hours a week so that you can afford your accommodation charges. You must make your answer according to your funds so that they can believe and give you a visa. Improper funds can lead to rejection of study visa in Canada. Make sure, you should show all the fund details there in your application.

What are your future plans after the study?

You have to answer this question very carefully so that interviewer cannot reject your visa. You have to mention that your only motive to go to Canada studies. And you want to use the knowledge which you get from Canada in your country to grow yourself.

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