Never Worry About The Questions That You Can’t Answer In Test

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Sometimes, during IELTS speaking exam the candidate is asked a question but they don’t know how to respond or what to answer. For this, there might be different reasons which include nervousness or not understanding the question, or simply not knowing about the topic. Your silence might affect your results. There are some IELTS tips which you should keep in mind if you don’t know how to respond.

  • The questions are not for experts

The first thing which you should know is that the questions on the speaking exam include a variety of topics that most people will be aware of. There are no technical questions or you don’t need any specialized training or knowledge to answer the questions correctly. At the time of coaching, the IELTS institute In Ludhiana will train you properly.

  • Don’t panic

There might be a question which is unsure or unaware of. In that case, don’t panic. Think about a way on how you can answer the question. You can ask the examiner by saying, ‘Let me think for a moment about that’ or ‘That’s a good question’. By doing this, it will give you some time and you can gather your thoughts before answering the question.

  • Try to say something

Keep in mind that it is a speaking exam, so being silent is not going to work and it will be not in your favor. You should try to show your speaking and language skills. If you don’t say anything then examiner cannot evaluate your ability to speak, so always try to put some effort to answer something.

  • Be creative

Sometimes you don’t know the answer, instead of saying you don’t know the answer, be creative. If you even know a little bit regarding the topic than at least share that information. Try to relate the topic with the incident that might have happened with you in the past. It might not be true, but at least it shows you are putting some effort.

  • Ask for clarification

If you don’t understand the topic or question properly, then ask for clarification or to repeat the question again. You can say, ‘can you repeat the question, please?’ or ‘I don’t understand the question, I am sorry.’

  • Language ability

The main purpose of this exam is to test your speaking ability. So, if you don’t even know the answer but at least you are putting your opinion, ideas, and expressing yourself. This will count and also leave a positive impact on the examiner.


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