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In the Speaking part 2 of IELTS, you will be given a task card on a particular topic. On this, all the points will be mentioned that you should talk about. In this section, you will be given the opportunity to speak for longer on a topic. The candidate is given one minute to prepare the topic which is mentioned on the task card. The candidate will be given a pencil and paper so that they can make notes. Once you are done, you have to talk for 1-2 minutes. The examiner will ask you at least 2 questions on the topic. Speaking test part 2 takes 3 to 4 minutes in total. You should take coaching from the best IELTS institute. Here are a few IELTS tips and topics which are asked in the speaking test.

  • Art

In this topic, you have to describe a piece of art. You can talk when you saw it and what you like about it. You can also add what you know about the art and what the art actually is.

  • Communication

In this topic, you have to discuss the advice which you recently received. You should discuss what the advice or suggestion was and when it happened. You can also add who gave the advice to you and what you felt at that time regarding the advise you got.

  • Daily Routine

In this, you have to discuss a part of your daily routine which you like. You should add what time of day it is, who is with you at that time, at that time what you do, and why you like it.

  • Family

In this topic, you have to describe a family member who gets along with you very well. You should say who is the family member, what type of relationship you share, what you do together, and why you get along so well.

  • Hobby

The topic refers to what you like to do in your free time or any hobby which you think is interesting. Explain why you like it, who do it, what it is actually, and how it is done.

  • Internet

You have to discuss which website is actually helpful. You will include the points such as what is the website about, how often you visit it, what type of information it offers, and according to you why it is useful.

  • Language

This topic will include the language you have learned. Firstly, you will say what is the language, when you started learning, from where you learned it, was it difficult, and why you learned the language.

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