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Learning is often associated with the bland, rote way our schools believe in. But we would like to break the mould by making it fun. Of course, it is a known fact that people learn faster if they acquire their knowledge in a funny or enjoyable way.  So Learn English speaking the enjoyable way. Why do we recommend it? Have a look-

  • High Success Rate

According to scientific research, it is a proven fact that music can be helpful in acquiring knowledge about a language. It is also prophesized that classical music is helpful in boosting mental tasks.

  • The Native Touch

Songs and music contain colloquialisms,  vocabulary, spoken English phrases, and expressions which are helpful in getting familiar with a language. Pick the right music and you will become familiar with the language in a jiffy.

  • Pronunciation In A Proper Way

Listen to songs and you will come to know the correct pronunciation of several words you may be struggling with. You will also get familiar with the tone,beat, and rhythm of the language. If you have enrolled for a Spoken English course, you will get tremendous help with the music as well.

  • Song Stuck in The Mind?

Some songs linger on in our minds. So pick up English music so your mind gets occupied with the right stuff! You all must be familiar with the phenomena of songs playing again and again in our minds. Thus listening to songs will prove to be a great way to get familiar with the phrases and vocabulary. To your surprise, you will find that you will be unable to forget them for a long time.

  • A Favorite Pastime

Unlike other learning activities, listening to music is a common and pleasurable pastime enjoyed by many. You will not have to make much effort to inculcate this habit if you already don’t have it. You will be learning without getting bored. Music can be carried anywhere, with the advent of smartphone music apps and the  I pods. So listen to your way to be an expert in English.

Here is how you can learn English Using Songs

  1. Catch Hold Of The Right Stuff

Try Youtube or Vimeo as they have a huge spectrum of collection coupled with lyrics subtitles. You could also use Spotify and Fluentu which present real-world videos which highlight the correct use of English.

  1. Make The Right Selection

Don’t force the songs which you don’t like on yourself. Pick the music you enjoy but steer clear of heavy metal wherein the pronunciation is not  clear. Don’t go for songs which have fast lyrics either. They won’t benefit you. Go for songs which have lyrics which are neither too hard nor too easy for you. Disney’s songs are a great idea if your knowledge of English is minimal.

  1. Get a Support System

Solely listening to the songs will not be enough. You will need some time and effort in digesting the lyrics and their meanings. Various websites will help you in understanding them. Some websites offer videos in which your action of hovering over a word will pause the video and a pop-up window will supply the proper meaning and definition of the word. Even the sentences are given so that you don’t have any confusion left in your mind.

So you see learning English can indeed be fun.

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