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Who will miss a chance to go abroad? Who doesn’t want to go and settle abroad? Any person who has his aim to get the permanent resident ship of Canada will take a lot of pain and make more efforts so that his application form to the country does not reject. But sometimes due to certain mistakes, this application form gets rejected. To achieve high standards and get career opportunities in a country like Canada is a dream come true for the immigrants.

Here are certain mistakes that people make and because of these mistakes the application form to the country gets rejected. So in order to get permanent resident form soon, the following mistakes should be avoided.

  • Mistakes in signing the documents or improper signing of documents

If the person makes any mistake in signing any document the candidates may miss an opportunity to go abroad.  Proper attention must be paid while signing documents otherwise this small mistake will cancel the application form.

  • Improper fees paid

If the candidate fails to pay the desired fees in such a case his application form may be canceled. So such negligent mistake should be avoided by the person who has applied for the permanent resident form. The candidate needs to be extra careful while paying the fees.

  • Improper photo dimensions

If the required dimensions of the photo of the person are not met or the person gives the photo of the improper size which is to be stuck to the form in that case also the PR form gets rejected.

  • Any mistake in the submission of documents

If the person fails to submit the required documents which are mentioned in the IRCC checklist, then in such a case also the chances of rejection of the application form arise. So phone records, text records, or any other record that is required with the application form must be taken care of.

  • Supplemental forms

If any supplementary form is required with the other forms in that case also the application form gets rejected.

  • Inadequate wrong information provided

Whatever information is required for the form is inadequate, improper or wrong then in such a case also form gets rejected.

  • Handwriting difficult to understand

If the handwriting of the person is ineligible and the person attending the form fails to understand it there are chances of the form getting a reject.

In addition to the above-mentioned mistakes, there are several other mistakes that people make while submission of the form. These must be attended carefully.

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