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IELTS stands for (International English language testing system). This test is well- known all over the globe for standardized English proficiency. Every year many individuals take this test for seeking higher education.

With this exam, your skills are checked in every aspect such as speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Moreover, this exam is accepted and recognized by many universities, immigration officers, professional organization, and employers. If you are planning to study in Canada then you have to fulfill all the requirements properly. Here is the step by step requirement for getting the Canada PR Visa successfully.

Documents Required

Every individual has to fulfill the eligibility criteria in order to acquire the Canada PR Visa. For this, you have to submit a specific set of documents:

  • Language proficiency

To acquire the Canada visa language requirement is very essential. For this, candidates have to show language efficiency by clearing the IELTS exam. You must get more than 7 in IELTS so that you are eligible for Canada PR card. Make sure you choose the best IELTS centre for clearing the exam. Choosing the best  IELTS institute will definitely make a lot of difference.

  • Educational Qualification

The candidate should provide an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) for proof of their qualification. Applicants who have a Canadian degree do not have to give the ECA.

  • Official document

The applicants are assessed on things like age, qualification, language, marital status, etc. It is essential that you keep proof of everything. Additionally, there should be proof of funds that after immigrating of Canada their family will have enough funds.

IELTS Band Requirement

The candidate who is applying for Canada Permanent Residency need to have this minimum IELTS requirement in all the modules:

  • Express Entry: Express entry is used by the government of Canada to manage the applications for Canada PR. In this, the requirement is 8777 in which you have to get 8 in listening and 7 in the rest of the modules.
  • PNP (Provincial Nominee Program): In this, the requirement is 6/7 or higher in all the four modules.
  • SINP (Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program): In this, you have to get 4.5 bands in all the modules.
  • Quebec: In this, for reading 4 bands is required and in the rest of the 5 bands is required.

The Requirement for International Graduates

Students who have graduated from the university or college from Canada recently then you must follow fulfill these requirements:

  • It is mandatory that the applicant should have at least experience of 1 year at NOC O, A, or B level in Canada in the last three years.
  • The experience should be gained legally after graduating from Canada. While studying, whatever work you have done will not be counted.

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