How To Write A Personal Statement To Leave A Good Impression

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The number of prospective students planning to move abroad for their higher studies has been rising each year at dramatic rates. The most popular destinations that students apply for to study are Canada, America, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe.

For applying to study in these countries, the students have to undergo various tests and procedures. One such thing that they have to undertake is writing a personal statement is they want to study in Canada, Australia, America, New Zealand or Europe.

What Is A Personal Statement?

A personal statement is a detailed description of the person applying for the course, his reasons for choosing a definite program, the research interests of the applicants, the objectives of the applicant and how he/she can make a contribution to the course he has chosen. It is written in almost 2 pages.

What Does A Personal Statement Consist Of?

A good personal statement consists of the following few things:

  1. The writing skills of the student that includes his knowledge of grammar, punctuation, creative writing skills, the way of expression, the manner of organizing the statement etc.
  2. The connection between the education pursued by the student and his/her prospective education
  3. How can the student be an asset for the institution that he is going to study in
  4. The knowledge of the student about the field he is applying to and the reason for choosing the same
  5. What is so distinct about the student and what can be fresh in the form of his introduction to the university.

What Can Be Done By The Applicant To Make His Personal Statement Outstanding?

A good personal statement is nothing but a demonstration of the strengths of the candidate. The candidate needs to pin down the following:

  • Strengths: it is not always possible for a person to know his strengths. He may be aware of one or two but not more of them. Thus, it is in his favor to talk to his kith and kin and collect knowledge about the positives and strengths that they notice in him.
  • Collect information about the future audience: it is very important to be well-equipped with the program(s) and organization(s) that the candidate is applying for. This can be facilitated with the help of online search, program description and getting information through e-mail.
  • Telling the university that the candidate himself and the program that he is intending to pursue are an ideal match.

All in all, a personal statement is a detailed description of the student for which he needs to do extensive research and present himself in the most resourceful, presentable, and realistic way.

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