How a Good SAT score is Determined?

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The SAT test is the most important and standardized test you can ever take during your high school years which is designed to measure your ability by which you can analyze and solve problems. The test is intended to give you the best college or university. The SAT exam is most common to college admission committees to make decisions about college acceptance.

The SAT Scoring System

The scoring system of sat has evolved over the century to a lot now. It is not still exactly the same for every administration. The most recent change in the scoring system was introduced in March 2016 which involved changing the scoring range from 2400 to 1600 which was being used till 2005. This makes it difficult to compare the scores before 2005 and after 2016  which is now seen as old sat score and new sat score

Interpreting your sat score

Your score report will consist of a wide variety of different subscores and data points. You see your total score for maths and reading & writing section. The important score is your total score. The total score out of 1600 is the first thing that will catch the eye of the college admission committee.

The individual section score is usually the next thing that admission committees review. Based on your personal preference you need to shine in that section of the SAT

What is the average SAT score

The average SAT score is nearly 1000 or 500 in each of the individual sections. This will more likely depend on your overall performance and the average score ranges at the schools that you wish to intend

Benchmark Scores

There is no standard SAT score to qualify a college admission, the college board does not set benchmarks to evaluate a student`s college readiness.

The college board always warns that benchmarks are not a good indicator of a proper academic track, so if you don’t meet the benchmarks it is okay for you to not be discouraged from applying to college or participate in the challenging courses

Your score result will include the performance on each section in relationship to benchmarks.

The sections are color coded according to the following:

Green: the score meets or exceeds the benchmarks

Yellow: the score is within a year of academic growth

Red: The section score is below the benchmarks and more than one year of academic growth.

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