Graduated in Canada, Tips To Build Career Now

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Starting out professionally in a new country can take time and you might face some challenges on this path. There might be many students who are have completed their graduation from Canada and now they are looking to enter the labor market. No doubt, a lot of people come to study in Canada and from different cities.

Students who cleared the IELTS exam and got the Canada Study Visa must be thinking after completing their graduation, how they can build their career? Just as Canada is a new place for you, in the same way working in any company will be new for you. Here are some tips which will help you get success in your career.

  • Use employment Service and Program

Student looking for a job must take advantage of employment services. With employment services, you can access your level in different areas and it also helps you make a plan to reach your professional goal. Not only this, but they also connect you with mentoring opportunities, internships, bridging programs, and volunteer positions. Take reference from the Government of Canada’s interactive map to find the resources in the area you are going to live so that you don’t face any problem.

  •  Volunteer in your Community

The best way to make connections in your community is by making connection both socially and professionally. With this, sometimes the student gets access to free training and various development opportunities. You get to interact with countless people and also provide the services to the different organization.

  • Go for Job hunting

Most of the University and colleges have their own job listing which is a great way to find the best opportunity. In addition to this, Moving2Canada Jobs Board also provides a list of a job opening for graduates and post-graduates from across Canada. Most of the Canadian employers use Monster, Indeed, and Craigslist to get part-time or temporary jobs.

  • Learn the meaning of Professional behavior in Canada

It is equally important that you understand the professional behavior that people dress up, how they interact with each other, and how they are in front of their juniors or seniors. One thing you should keep in mind that Canadians are the most time oriented which means you have to be on time and never make anyone wait for you. So, it is important that you leave a promising impression on your seniors and your colleagues.

  • Build a Strong Network

Students are able to find a job more easily if they build and nurture relationships in their community. Try to build a network or connection with new people and find common experience, interest, or skill you both share. No doubt, every person cannot help you make your professional career but it might help you get advice and know various opportunities which you might not be aware of.

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