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IELTS is explained as the International English Language Testing System. This includes four modules such as Listening, reading, speaking, and writing. All modules are necessary to get higher bands. Some people consider listening as an easy module than reading. Additionally, Academic reading is quite difficult than General Training. In academic reading three passage contains a different type of questions related to the academic topic. Whereas in general reading questions are related to general interest. Here are some questions related to the Reading test which are asked frequently.

What Should I Do If I Don’t Know About The Topic?

The IELTS test of reading includes topics of general interest which come from book, magazines, newspapers, and journals. The topics can be easily understood by the candidates as it does not need any technical knowledge. For this, you should spend some time reading the kind of topic that might come in the test. It will be better if you study the topics related to western culture if you are not aware of them at all.

Is Extra Time Given To Transfer The Answers To The Sheet?

No, extra time is not given to the candidate to transfer the answers to the answer sheet. Extra time is only given in the listening module. So, you have to complete the entire section in one hour only.

What Are The Different Sorts Of Questions In Reading Module?

The reading test includes different types of questions which include multiple choice question, table completion, classification, short-answer questions, sentence completion, and yes/no/not given questions. No doubt, there are different types included in the test. While you preparing at the IELTS center in Ludhiana, your teacher will guide you about the different types and how you can solve them. So, before going into the examination hall study properly.

Does Section 3 Carry More Marks For Correct Answers?

All the sections carry equal marks. There are a total of 40 questions and each question carry one marks. No matter the question is in which section, the marks will be given in the same way.

Are Marks Deducted For The Answers Which Are Incorrect?

Marks are not deducted if you fail to give an answer. So, instead of leaving the question you should try to answer some question, you might give the right answer.

Should The Same Time Be Spent On Each Section?

To get the best score you should not spend the same amount on each section. You should practice properly and spend time on all the sections. Set the limit for each question and take IELTS tips from the tutor to finish the exam on time.

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