Fluency Is Not Always About Your Language Speaking Talent

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The most common issue which most candidates face while giving the IELTS exam is ‘fluency’. At IELTS institute you might have heard that your teacher always ask you to improve your fluency. Most of the most they are talking about speaking fluency. It means you are not able to speak smoothly and thoughtfully without stopping. Clearly, they will stop, think for a while, or repeat the same thing. Unfortunately, this will affect your overall score and you might get a score below a band 7. Additionally, it doesn’t always mean that you can ignore fluency in other parts of the test. At IELTS center in Ludhiana, the candidates are given proper coaching about every small detail. Let’s take a look at what are the skills required for every part of the exam.

  • Writing fluency

The IELTS writing test should be completed in one hour.  However, if you are not fluent it is a big issue. While writing, you have to think about complex problems and write your thoughts on the sheet. But if you are not able to think clearly, then it will waste your time as well as you cannot write clearly. To solve this issue, you should write more often as it will improve your writing speed and you will be more fluent.

  • Reading Fluency

This is another IELTS tips to clear the exam with good score. During IELTS reading test, if you are reading without stopping and thinking it means your reading fluency is very good. This will leave a good impact on the examiner that you are able to read and translate the words properly. In this skimming and scanning is important. Skimming means to get an idea by reading the text. The scanning means getting specific information by reading a text. So, you should be fluent in reading also.

  • Listening fluency

You will hear the recording only once so you have to fluent in listening as well. It is very important that you should not lose your attention, otherwise you might miss out something important. Another tip is to not translate the words as it will waste your time. You should watch more English movies, radio, and TV. This will for sure make a lot of difference.

  • Speaking fluency

Most of us know that speaking fluency is very important to score high in the exam. You should not repeat, self-correct, and take pauses frequently. You need to keep in mind that all the other three skills are an equally important part of the test. Try to speak with others as much as you can. Obviously, if you keep trying you will get success and it will improve your fluency.


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