Five Pointers To Whether You Really Need An IELTS Coaching Institute Or Not

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Following your Canadian dream will require more than just aspirations. You will need to prepare for a battery of tests, including IELTS for proving your finesse in English. As English is a much-spoken language in the Canadian land, it’s proficiency will work in your favor. But don’t get overconfident and overlook the need for professional IELTS coaching classes. You need to look up a suitable institute from the available IELTS institute in Punjab. The test will be different from what you have studied as an English language student. If you go by the opinion of the people who have taken the test, it is not going to be as easy as it seems. So don’t commit the folly of underestimating the test and be on a lookout for the following pointers if you want to ace it.

1. Are you listening properly?

The listening module consists of 40 questions based on 4 recordings. The answers are required to be answered on the basis of the recordings. As the recording will be played only once, it is important that you answer the questions swiftly. The questions will be of various kinds: summary completion, form completion, sentence completion, and multiple choice. If you feel that you are losing out on account of speed, focus or accuracy, then you will need to pursue the classes. Enrolling for an institute will prove helpful on several fronts: You will know how to follow the conversation if you miss out on something. It will help you in answering the questions efficiently well within the specified time limit.

2. What about your reading skills?

The reading module is packed with 40 questions grouped into three sections. The module is aimed at testing your reading skills. The pattern of questions includes short answers, completion of diagram labels, sentence, and information matching etc. IELTS institute will help you in answering the questions without going through the text multiple times.

3. Writing skills

Your writing skills will be tested in this module. In the first section, you will be required to describe an object or an event in 150 words. In the second task, you will be asked to write an essay of 250 words on an argument or a problem. The writing task must be completed in a formal manner. IELTS institute will help you in analyzing and expressing data based on an object or an event. Task 2 is complex, as it may enlist topics you are not familiar with. Writing about something unfamiliar in a span of 40 minutes is the first challenge. The other problem you might face is the requirement of a proper structure. The institutes help you in getting familiar with the topics that often figure in this section but also teach you about writing in a well-structured manner.

4. Speak like a pro

This section tests your speaking skills. The first 5  minutes constitute testing your introduction and general conversation. The next 5 minutes are reserved for testing your speaking ability about a random topic. The last part is a complex version of the second part as it focuses on the fluency, lexical resources, and pronunciation of the candidate. The institutes ensure that you repeat and practice for this module.

5. Time limit

Sticking to the time limit is one of the most important aspects of this test. Once the time is up, you will not be allowed to write. If you are having issues completing the modules on time or you are spending too much time on the reading section then the institutes will help you in reducing the time frame.

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