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Around the world, there are many top-ranked universities and college. There is no doubt that one of the top locations to study abroad in Canada.

Students are who are looking to study in Canada can easily get a student visa and it is not a complicated process. You should take proper coaching from IELTS center and then clear the IELTS exam. You will not only enjoy studying in Canada but you will get to experience its rich and vibrant culture.

When you are applying, the first thing to decide is whether you have to study in college or university. It is because the program structure varies significantly in both. You should ask your IELTS institute to suggest you which option will be best for you.

  • Make sure it is DLI (Designated Learning Institution)

Students who are planning to pursue their higher studies in Canada should make sure it approved under the list of DLI. Especially for those students who want to study for time duration of six months must get acceptance from a designated learning institution. Basically, it is an institution which is approved by the territorial government to host international students.

  • Post-secondary Institutions

Colleges, universities, and vocational school are included in post-secondary institution. Every one of them has there own set of rules and how they apply it also different. Additionally, what level of English and French they accept is also different.


In universities, you get to explore different options such as research, writing, and understanding the subject more in-depth. Additionally, all the lectures are given by professionals and they are structured properly. Some of them include written task and assignments. With this, it gives students a better understanding and knowledge of the subject. Interestingly, you also get a chance to explore different options rather than sticking to one type. This means university encourage the student to apply for elective (optional) subjects. Moreover, how the university runs in a very flexible duration.

  • From September to December (first semester)
  • From January to April (Second Semester)
  • The whole summer (if the course has the third trimester)

You can say that the entire system is very flexible and you can decide which option is best for you.


Another option for students is to choose a college for a there study program. It is a great option for those who want to have work placements, training, part-time study option, and continuing education. Moreover, the fess in college is lower as compared to university. If you know what you exactly want then this option is best for you and you can easily get a student visa. No doubt, it is a great option for you to boost your career.

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