Factors That Can Prove Difficulty While Learning English – Here’s How To Overcome Them.

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We all counter problems when we are trying to learn something. It holds especially true for people trying to hone their skills in English. With the confusing rules and no logical reasons for some grammar rules, it can be a difficult proposition for the beginners. But with help at hand, the problems can be addressed. We offer you a roundup of the difficulties which people encounter while trying to get familiar with the finer nuances of English. With numerous English learning techniques, your fears will go away. If you wish to take admission in a foreign university, it is best to opt for an IELTS institute.

Common Difficulties of English

  1. Words with multiple meanings

It is quite common to see words in English which have the same pronunciation and spelling but completely different meaning. Really, it could land you in very embarrassing situations. So gather knowledge about the words with multiple synonyms. One such word that is confusing is the word date. It could mean a specific day of the month while it could also be used for a  romantic outing for a couple. The key to handling blunders in this aspect is to read carefully and focus on the context. The context will make it clear which meaning is being used in the sentence. By context, we mean the surrounding words and sentences.

  1. Words which have pronunciation very different from their spelling.

Talking about being phonetically true, this is something which is difficult to find in many English words. With plenty of sounds being pronounced in a different way by virtue of combination with other letters, or being completely silent, it is indeed a very confusing situation. If we look at some words like the knife and chiffon, you will understand what I mean. While ‘k’ in the knife is completely silent, ‘ch’ is pronounced as ‘sh’ in chiffon and ‘k’ in the choir. Now, that is really perplexing to the already struggling learner. The perfect solution to this problem is to take the help of an audio dictionary. These dictionaries help you pronounce correctly according to the region. Some websites also offer English videos which provide the same information along with trailers and inspiring talks.

  1. Fluency in the real sense

English speaking requires a lot of practice. You have to be really confident before you can face the world and converse fluently. For catalyzing the process, we have language exchange apps which help you in communicating with the native English speakers without worrying about getting it right. You can chat through the audio or video option. Both have an inbuilt translator which can figure out the translation, the errors and a lot more. Language cafes are another option. They host events where you can come across many native speakers and learners. These help you improve your language over a cup of coffee and social interactions. Wow, what a great idea to improve your skills.

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