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IELTS is explained as The International English Language Testing System which is designed for study, work, and permanent residence. These days many people join IELTS center in order to take the IELTS test. IELTS is of two types, for example, Academic and General Training. An Academic IELTS exam is designed for people who wish to study in Canada, Australia, Newzealand, and the UK. IELTS test includes 4 modules such as Listening, Reading, Writing, and speaking. These modules require proper practice and time management in order to get higher bands in IELTS test. Moreover, you need to get 6 each band in order to study in Canada without any obstacles. After getting higher bands you will able to apply for Canada student VISA. There are several things that you should keep in mind after getting a study permit in Canada. These are explained as below-:

Arriving in Canada

After entering Canada, you will meet the border services officer and he will ask you some questions or check your passport and other necessary documents. You have to also ensure them that you will leave Canada after the completion of the course.

In order to get a study visa in Canada, you need such type of documents such as a valid passport, the invitation letter, a copy of a letter of acceptance from your college and school, and funds proof. Make sure you should keep your valuables and necessary documents with you because they can check these any time without any permission.

Your Study Permit Conditions

You have to meet many requirements and conditions before getting the student visa in Canada. If you are lacking to meet these conditions then you may lose your student visa or status. Or they may deport you from Canada for the reason to not meet the requirements. Make sure you should check all the conditions before applying for a visa in Canada.

Traveling Outside Of Canada

If you want to travel outside of Canada during while you are studying in Canada, you must have a valid passport, study permit, and Electronic Travel Authorization.  Moreover, you need a visitor visa if you are going to travel to the USA.

Health Insurance

Many students claim that the Canada government do not offer them medical facilities. Yes, it is true that the Canada government does not pay health insurance for international students. You should talk to your seniors in college and school in order to get proper information about these things.

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